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Particularly sensitive to the positive values conveyed by sport, the watch manufacturer Breitling is proud to announce its partnership with Premiers de Cordée whose philosophy and fight it shares.

«Sport has always been a major component in the history of Breitling» explains Édouard d’Arbaumont, Breitling’s director for Southern Europe. “Sport is not just about champions and great competitions. Sport is also about teamwork and generosity. The actions carried out by Premiers de Cordée to help sick and disabled children is remarkable. Breitling wanted to engage with her to help her continue her sports initiation programs in hospitals. This is a strong and fair commitment to the brand. “

Breitling’s support will allow us to continue our efforts throughout France

Sébastien RUFFIN, General Delegate of the association

While the health crisis has weakened, the support of Breitling will allow Premiers de Cordée – of which 90% of revenues are of private origin – to continue its development programs such as Sports Week at the Hospital, Escape Days, Hopi’Sport at the Hospital and the Dance Tour, an event allowing children hospitalized on the national territory to participate in a dance initiation, supervised by Silvia Notargiacomo, Christophe Licata and Gabin Giband, professional dancers and ambassadors of the association. «Beyond the values of sharing and cohesion, physical activity is now widely recognized on the medical level as a pillar of the management of any chronic disease, as well as drugs» emphasizes Sébastien Ruffin, General Delegate of Premiers de Cordée. “This is called adaptive physical activity. Breitling’s support will allow us to continue our efforts throughout France. “

In addition to the launch of a 250-piece limited edition Superocean watch, a charity dinner and charity auction were held on Friday, October 8 in La Samaritaine. Thanks to the sale of exceptional lots, 240,000 € were raised under the high patronage of Breitling for the benefit of our association.


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