Way beyond the values ​​of sharing and solidarity, physical activity is now widely recognized from a medical point of view as an essential chronic disease management, as important as medication. This is called Adapted Physical Activity (APA).

In addition to collective sports activities, Premiers de Cordée offers its “Hopi Sport” program to partner establishments. This allows for adapted and individual practice, thanks to a mobile tower that can be moved from room to room, directly at the bedside of sick children. These sessions are supervised by APA teachers, who adapt the exercises to the needs of the child and evaluate the impact of physical activity on the illness.

This activity station helps to stimulate the physical and cognitive capacities of the children in a playful way. Indeed, each activity module allows the implementation of a multitude of exercises according to the pathologies and capacities of the children. 

The association allows hospitalized children to integrate sport as part of our therapeutic arsenal, just like medication.

Doctor Mathieu PELLAN, Paediatrician and sports doctor (AP-HP)

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