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Become a volunteer

Without its volunteers, Premiers de Cordée would not be able to implement all of the events in our “Hospital Sports” program!

Volunteers accompany us regularly in paediatric services during collective sports initiations or occasionally during our events such as “Sports Week at the Hospital” or “Escape Days”.

In the field, they are the link between the various contacts of our association: the sports educators to set up and animate the sports sessions, the medical staff who make sure health rules are respected including the limits imposed by individual medical conditions, and of course the children and hospitalised young people who become the playing partners or opponents for the day.


Making a donation to Premiers de Cordée enables the association to offer more sports initiations to hospitalized children and / or children with disabilities, to develop its events and happenings across the country and to promote the integration of physical exercise into children’s care and treatment paths.


Joining gives you the chance of getting involved in the life of the association by voting on the orientation of future projects for Premiers de Cordée and by electing the members of the Board of Directors, it is also a way of supporting our activity and sharing our values ​​and ambitions.

Become a partner

Companies, sports clubs or paediatric services … Don’t hesitate to join us to promote access to sports for hospitalized children and / or children with disabilities.

Organize a fundraiser

Set up a Solidarity Handicross event or take part in a charity race, create an online fund-raiser or sell home-made cakes etc. Whether you are a student or an employee or retired; an individual or a company and / or an association, everyone can help support Premiers de Cordée.

If you have any ideas to help our association, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be able to assess the feasibility of the project and provide communication tools to support you.


Do you want to put your skills to the service of a good cause? Premiers de Cordée is a small team and always on the look-out for extra advice and more helping hands. Whatever your field: digital, marketing, sales, legal, HR, accounting, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Buy together

Weather you are a business or a school, as part of a disability awareness project, do not hesitate to buy one of our services. The money raised goes directly to financing our “Sport in Hospitals” program.

You can also support Premiers de Cordée by making a purchase in our solidarity shop.

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