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Handicross solidarity

Premiers de Cordée offers the chance to experience disability through organising a solidarity event. Thanks to the loan of equipment – blindfolds and cords – you will be able to organize a federating event centred around a race, creating a situation of complete blindness. In turn, each pair can take the place of the runner or the accompanying guide in the activity.

In addition, the association provides you with educational and communication material to help you in setting up the event.

This experience promotes the understanding of disability, allowing participants apprehend it and above all to realize that it is not insurmountable.

Taking part in a Handicross Solidarity means :

changing the way people look at disability

Promoting mutual aid and understanding

supporting sport in hospitals

These events can be set up throughout the year but also during awareness weeks such as SEEPH or Sustainable Development Week – quotes available on request. Investing in this service helps finance the “Sport in Hospitals” program.

Handicross Solidarity is an event that raises disability awareness but also creates links between our employees. Moreover, it is an opportunity to participate in supportive action by financing sports activities for sick children!

Xavier MARTIN, Handicap Mission Manager – Municipality of Coye-la-Forêt

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