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Premiers de Cordée steps-up to help nursing staff and hospitalized children

Since the start of lockdown, the teams of the Premiers de Cordée association have reorganized and are coming to the aid of hospitals, caregivers and hospitalized children.

In normal times, Premiers de Cordée goes regularly and free of charge into medico-social structures to promote sports to hospitalized children. The objective: to get them moving, letting off steam and regaining their confidence through physical activity which has often become a key part of the recovery process. The association, for obvious precautionary reasons, had to suspend its activities and cancel all the events planned during the first period of the health crisis (the launch of the first “Dance Tour” – 4 Days of Escape).

There was no question of sitting idly by for the Premiers de Cordée team. Thanks to the commitment of its sponsors and partners, many steps have been taken in recent weeks to give some support to caregivers and meet their needs wherever possible.

So, thanks to our loyal partner Mondelez International through its Milka, Toblerone and Prince brands, we were able to distribute in around ten hospitals in the Ile-de-France region more than 90,000 Milka mini-eggs and candies, 31,000 Milka mini rabbits, 1,300 Toblerone bars and over 330kg of Milka and Prince cookies. ELECTROLUX answered the call and donated 80 household appliances (microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.) which will help equip caregivers’ spaces. Fresh Italian products were given by our partner brand TREO ITALIA. Denny Imbroisi, chef at the IDA restaurant, donates meals for 50 people every Wednesday to nursing staff. Last but not least, the Stade de France, always standing shoulder to shoulder with the association, who support and facilitate with the roll-out.

Premiers de Cordée also works to maintain a link with children. Many, due to their pathology, have not been able to return home. Isolated and without entertainment (sports or artistic activities), days can seem especially long. A support video from our sponsors and ambassadors (Thierry Omeyer, Maxime Médard, Silvia Notargiacomo, Stéphane Houdet, Gabin Giband, Nathalie Péchalat, Kylian Mbappé, Christophe Licata) was sent out to paediatric services. At the request of medical staff, our teams carried out physical activity sessions adapted to all pathologies, online and without the need for equipment. Deliveries of creative kits, computers and tablets and the organization of video calls with athletes are planned in the coming days.

The association, which is now preparing for post-lockdown, hopes to be able to resume its activities for children in hospitals as soon as possible. In any event, new and stricter measures will have to be implemented.

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